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OnLine Grammar Checker is your assistant in writing and reporting
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Now there is no need to think many times before writing any sentence, and you will not hesitate anymore whether to write a sentence one way or another. OnLine Grammar Checker will help you in taking this decision. OnLine Grammar Checker is a program that will cut your report into sentences, each sentence consisting of a defined number of words (this number you will adjust according to your own preference). The program will take each sentence separately and perform a search on either yahoo or google (based on your choice) and will provide you a report about how many times each sentence appears at a chosen site. A perfect phrase will appear more than one million times, while a suspicious phrase will appear over 900 times and it will be underlined, and poor sentences will appear less than 900 times and will be shown in bold.

OnLine Grammar Checker is appropriate for different people from different countries, and using different languages as it's designed with a multilingual option, so it can check your report even if it is written in English, French, German, Arabic and almost all languages. So it will surely fit you, and you can easily start downloading now.

Marian Zaky
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